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July 25, 2010



Isn't it funny how they are all perfect just the way they are? Perfectly Individual and yet sweetly knit together as sisters! I love it! I always wanted to sisters (got two brothers instead!)


Love it!!! What a great post!


What a "fun" post!! I also have three daughters, all with very distinct and different personalities!


What a fun post. It would be interesting to redo it every year and see how they change.


So glad I tracked your comment back and found your blog. I'll have fun watching your journeys!
I have 3 boys and 3 girls and am constantly amazed HOW different they are! Sweet blessings from Him, but so different!
Thx for sharing!
Nancy-the crazy 8s


Yep, our kids uniqueness and individuality are what makes our lives...ummm, interesting!

Your girls are lovely!!

You post cracks me up!!! :)


Your girls are all beautiful! And it's true, the differences are what makes life fun! Thanks for sharing!

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